Super Sensitive Facebook

July 29, 2021


Indeed.  Facebook decided the other day to block me for posting for 3 days and stop advertising etc for 60 days….  I disputed their automatic censorship.

Their automatic system again said that the post went against community standards…..  This was at the same time that the odious Farage claimed the RNLI was acting as a ferry service for those in boats seeking asylum, refugee or migrant status for a better life.

11 hours ago he’s ‘standing by what he said’ so of course we get comments like this shit.


This Para. added 4 hours later.  I reported catwoman’s comment above and unbelievably the Facebook god considers this comment acceptable.  This is their response on the right.


cont’d below after insert

I then asked for manual intervention through the independent assessment system…. So I waited, however, following  Farage’s disgraceful post I went through the racist, murderous comments reporting as many as I could find.  Usually I just let them pass.

Yesterday, the first results of these reports I made came in and Facebook thanked me for reporting the posts and had them removed (with the added benefit that those racists will now have black marks against their names….).  However, my post was still blocked and the 60 day ban was still in place.

Today however, my jokey post, which was somebody else’s screenshot, was allowed.