Last updated on February 1, 2021

Privacy Policy

This Site has a Privacy Policy:

Honi Soi Qui Mal y Pense.
Anglo-Saxon translation is “if you don’t like it here, fuck off.”
Within the laws of the land, from where this website is hosted, the site will follow normal rules of data protection;  that is, I don’t reveal anyone’s email address, etc.  However, the website needs to use cookies for the full gizmo effect and disabling these cookies in your browser will disable some website functionality and increase your own privacy, a bit.  However, the UK, USA & the rest (five/seven eyes) secret services can still watch what you do!

Caveat to Privacy Policy:

I accept your existence at face value, although I don’t record proper physical addresses and you don’t have to prove your existence is real.  When registering, all you have to do is prove that the email address you supply is real at one moment in time by a confirmation email.    When commenting, you can use any email address you like to comment, which means it may not be valid.    So, like national governments, I reserve the right to temporarily relax this privacy policy at times of emergency.

I also reserve the right to edit, amend or exclude anything from the site on my whim.  Normally, this would be things like frivolous or nasty comment, especially in the context of forged email or IP addresses…  But who defines “normal” and who can tell the future?  Things change.  Essentially, I do what I want.

Exclusion to privacy policy:

All spammers and other lowlife risk having their email addresses posted to allow their harvesting by spam bots.  By definition, their actions preclude their inclusion into a privacy policy.  In fact, I positively go for them like a terrier.
Q. Definition of a lowlife?
A.  I have my own definition, but as a clue, if I’m swearing at you, you are one.


Although comments on this site are open, always remember that the internet is broad and wide and all data is now monitored and stored by governments and other organisations across the globe.    This means that despite email & IP address spoofing, digging down deep and dirty means that no-one can post anything with impunity and any assumed anonymity is like an electron cloud…..a dream within a dream….a will-o-wisp.
And In Case The Penny Hasn’t Dropped Yet…
There is no such thing as privacy.  You type here at your own risk.


Any links I don’t like will have the “http://” palaver truncated to destroy SEO backlinking.  Any decent and useful stuff is left.  How do I define that?  How does anyone?   As an example, scam sites will be referenced so that people can check the research for themselves, but there will be no SEO backlinks.    As a further example, complete shit-heads will be linked to mercilessly.

Google and Other Adverts

This website uses one advert to help it’s finance. I only use Google as clickbait is the bane of everyone’s life.  This means that the companies serving the ads will dump all manner of cookies and stuff on your computer.  They all do it and I can’t stop them as it’s part of my agreement with them.  However, you can easily block this stuff if you want.  FYI, the Google terms are here.

Pretty obviously, I’ve got nowt to do with the actual companies advertising here.

EU Cookie Directive & GDPR

The EU has cobbled a law designed to protect a user’s privacy.  Meanwhile, the UK has somewhat derogated this responsibility into a term called “applied consent”.  What this means for any user is that for this site to work properly cookies must be enabled in your browser.  If not, you cannot logon and comment functionality (see above) is limited.  However, you can still read all my words of wisdom and thus, by viewing this website, you accept the existence of cookies for it’s full functionality.

I don’t have a GDPR popup as my contract with Google Ads (see above) means I’ve handed nearly all privacy bollocks to them by un-ticking all the data-sharing boxes.  See here.

For my part, I collect anonymized IP addresses which satisfies the GDPR along with my promise to not share email addresses subject to the caveats and warnings I’ve posted above.  However, IP addresses don’t prove anything really.  I use a VPN all the time which does just that….