Musical Ties to a Racial Graveyard

It must be ties of karma from the distant past that have destined you to become my disciple at a time like this. – Nichiren Daishonin, The Heritage of The Ultimate Law of Life, WND1, p217 Or the Inter-Connectedness of all things Like ALL people in Western Europe, I’m a racial mongrel.  And I observe… Continue reading Musical Ties to a Racial Graveyard

Delia Derbyshire – my hero

In the news again (see Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer), is Delia Derbyshire, creator of the Doctor Who theme.  One particular characteristic of the sixties, apart from the fashions etc, is the “sound” behind all the films and of popular music at the time.  However, getting past the cheesy flower power and merseybeat… Continue reading Delia Derbyshire – my hero