Megrahi and Calley Compared and Contrasted

Who?  Who Are Megrahi and Calley Megrahi is a Libyan, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering 270 people by blowing up a 747 over Lockerbie in Scotland – but released early after 8 years (but 10 years in prison) and sent to Libya to die of cancer. Calley is an American, convicted and… Continue reading Megrahi and Calley Compared and Contrasted

Proactive Refferal Spam Blocking

Introduction to the Problem and .htaccess Usage I’ve had a few weird hits over time from “normal” websites containing “abnormal” content.  Take today, for instance…. According to my Wassup log and the stats that appear on the main screen widget, I got reffered by: Click this if you will.  It’s an ad for male… Continue reading Proactive Refferal Spam Blocking