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Proactive Refferal Spam Blocking

July 17, 2009

Introduction to the Problem and .htaccess Usage I’ve had a few weird hits over time from “normal” websites containing “abnormal” content.  Take today, for instance…. According to my Wassup log and the stats that appear on the main screen widget, I got reffered by: Click this if you will.  It’s an ad for male […]

How to Quickly Block an IP Address from your Website

May 21, 2009

Use .htaccess!!! *Ebook Admin/Secure Apache I’ve mentioned it before – and the technique I used to use a lot with a huge list of blocked IP addresses.  I then decided that the list was too time consuming to maintain and stopped using it except in extreme cases about the end of last year.  Such a […]

Best and Most Reliable Web Hosting?

March 21, 2009

I’m looking at getting a new host for (at some of) my domains. ixWebHosting who I’ve used for some time, keep falling over and I’m getting a bit fed up with apologetic support ticket replies and no change in service.  For about a year they were quite reasonable but since the server move out of […]

DB Cache Replaces WP Super Cache

March 18, 2009

Following on from my previous little post about DB Cache, I’ve been using it since that time and it seems to be faster to me from little old Blighty.  I use a USA based host so anything I see has to cross the pond anyway, but in a non-logged-in state, page loading is definitely faster […]

WordPress User Registration Spam

April 23, 2008

I’ve had quite a few search enquiries and hits for on my sites recently so there are obviously a lot of people suffering out there with spamming and registration problems that I’ve “currently” 😉 got under control. (We all know that this is a continuous battle against spammers as their approaches and techniques change […]