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Google Tsunami Alert

March 11, 2011

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Following this morning’s (using GMT) earthquake just off Japan (now set at 8.8 on the Richter Scale, but it keeps rising as more information is analysed), I noticed that the Google search page has a Tsunami warning for all to see. I thought I’d capture it for posterity. Enormity This truly […]

Pengins on Google StreetView

January 14, 2011

Google StreetView is in Antarctica Although you can see how they’ve done it using the cameras and flags in the snow, it’s still really cute that they’ve given the appearance that the (in)famous Google Streetview Car has been that way. The Google Streetview Car is the one with the funny thing on its roof, NOT […]

Shock and Loch Awe

March 21, 2009

Death Search Four men, old enough and with enough experience of life to be able to look after themselves, have gone missing in Loch Awe.  Two have been found dead and the search is still on.    This of course is tragic, but I can well understand their situation. Colony Holiday When I was 16, […]

Copenhagen Congress on Climate Change

March 13, 2009

In this stark summary from a meeting of 2.5k scientists from across the globe, we find that not only is anthropomorphic climate change real, not only is it getting worse, but also, within the error margins for the ‘hockey stick‘ predictions of only a few years back, recent measurements put the actual effects at the […]

The Bridgwater Egret

December 21, 2008

View Larger Map While walking George the dog today, I spotted an Egret in town! You can tell it’s an egret because nothing else is so brilliantly white. The seagulls and terns look dull in comparison! This really shows the pace of global warming in my short lifetime. When I first went to France in […]