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Page versus Database Query Caching

May 9, 2009

Introduction I’m a born twiddler.  Even though something works quite happily, I’ll try something else. So it was yesterday. In an effort to improve the ‘user experience’ and promote a bit of feedback on this website, I’ve been twiddling with various plugins. Caching for Speed Some time ago I changed caching methods from Donncha’s WP […]

Jacques Brel – Amsterdam, a new translation

May 2, 2008

A better translation of the classic Jaques Brel song, “Dans le Port d’Amsterdam” by Jillian Greenwood

Angst in East Lancs Wasteland

March 24, 2008

  Angst in East Lancs Wasteland This was the banner headline in Melody Maker, I think, for the gig at the Leigh Festival in 1979. Two things stick in my mind about the gig (we played in the afternoon) apart from it being freezing cold and there being no-one there. The topic in both is […]

Zombie Dance (Zyclon B Zombies)

December 14, 2007

I’ve cleaned up the above track a bit although it’s still 14Meg in size and lasts quarter of an hour. It’s classed as Crawling Chaos although only two members took part in this version. This version of Zombie Dance is part of a commission given to Rees and Jeff by some chums, Zyclon B Zombies, […]

Jacques Brel – Amsterdam

September 17, 2007

Jaques Brel sings his song “Amsterdam” live and Davis Bowie’s recording for comparison.
Lyrics (paroles) in French and English