Banksy Headless Chicken? Evelyn Moves.

Banksy Local Evelyn has moved to a new place (in Bristol) with her mate. My mate Nobby and I helped her move. Amazingly, she’s got her own bit of (probable) Banksy art right outside her front door – a headless chicken! (see images below.) Hopefully it’ll stay as it’s quite neat, I think. (The pictures… Continue reading Banksy Headless Chicken? Evelyn Moves.

Phrase of the Decade

Enough of your bum faggery you fag-ended Gash Hound! This can be used in all sorts of situations e.g Phoning Granny Shopping for vegetables Enticing friends to finish their drinks quickly Running a charity shop While waiting for change on the bus While waiting for directions from the policeman in Trafalgar Square While waiting for… Continue reading Phrase of the Decade