Turkey Bans Google

I can’t vouch for the information as I don’t live in Turkey, but I’ve just found out that Turkey has blocked Google.com Google Groups from internet access for it’s citizens.  See: Turkey & My Foreign Perspectives with Bea Vanni: Goodbye Google Alert: Hello More Bans for Turkey While my Turkey blog is less frequent these… Continue reading Turkey Bans Google

ADSL, Pipex Blocks my Web Access, Weirdly!

I’ve got a weird problem with my internet access. I can access any website except my own, like this one! Specifically, all my domains hosted at ixWebhosting, I can’t see from my PC or any other in the house using any browser. I can access my domain host’s control panel, but bizarrely, the File Manager… Continue reading ADSL, Pipex Blocks my Web Access, Weirdly!