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Estonian Spammer Forges CBS and The Guardian

December 12, 2012

Get Rich Quick Scam Forges Genuine News Agencies Web Pages I recently received two emails from a friend’s old Hotmail account, but to two of my email addresses. Probably, the account has been hacked as I could detect no spoofing in the emails’ headers.  These are the emails, with the email addresses blacked out. Initial […]

My First BRITISH Google Business Kit

November 5, 2009

In this post Dangerous EffectiveCleanse – and Scams Too! two weeks ago, I mentioned how a scumbag webhost called is redirecting a client’s Amazon Shop clicks to that other pustule of conmanship called Checks Well I’ve just checked and it’s still on. (Someone wants to get that fixed!)  At the bottom of the […]

Why Does No-one Lie Anymore?

March 25, 2008

Sorry. What I meant to say is: “Why, if ordinary people lie and are punished for it, do public people lie and apparently get away with it, so much so that people think it normal behaviour?” Or, in other words: Why do the media not use the word “LIE” , anymore? Two recent lying events […]