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The True Cost of the G20 Protest (in Daffodils)

G20 UK Protests – an Appraisal Following on from this post about the protest(s) the other day and the obviously censored reporting, we can now look back for a little unheated analysis. Spin What’s clear to me during the event, was the useless reporting and photograph work, the news organisation’s focus on violence and the…
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April 6, 2009 1

Clueless? Home Office Subverts Language

Computer Shopper Interview with Home Office Dawinderpal Sahota at ‘Computer Shopper’ magazine, part of the Dennis Publishing organisation, has published a fascinating interview that the magazine had with a UK Home Office rep on the subject of the government’s policy towards tackling child abuse websites. ‘Computer Shopper’ gave all questions in advance so that the…
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March 24, 2009 0

Spam Disguised as Windows Live

Below is the plain text of an email spam I got today.  I always view as plain text and all my messages are spam checked, in various ways.  Some POP3 stuff comes in via Mailwasher Pro, which I’ve mentioned before; other stuff I forward through gmail and use the spam filters in there, which are…
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January 21, 2009 0

Obama, BBC China sniping and Guantanamo First Act

Chinese Censorship: As part of the BBCs “take” on the international views on the new, 44th President of the United States, their China correspondent Michael Bristow has reported that his inauguration speech was censored in China. Apparently, the English version on the Xinghua News site is okay, but the Chinese version for the locals has…
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January 21, 2009 2

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