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God’s Will has to be Done in Unifying People and Companies to Get that Gas Pipeline Built so says Palin.

I’ll repeat that: “[…]and pray about that also,…I think,…God’s Will has to be Done in Unifying People and Companies to Get that Gas Pipeline Built” – Sarah Palin, potential Vice President of America. This is astounding and a most bizarre speech of encouragement to make to educated people in a modern Western Democracy. No it…
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September 11, 2008 3

Sarah Palin, the Most Loathsome Dog

Don’t let Sarah Palin’s obvious organisational ability and her successful prosecution of a hunt against corruption fool you into believing that she is anything but a nutter.  Two rights do not make a thousand wrongs.  There are many brave people around. Buddhism says that anyone has the Buddha nature within them, at all times.  Simultaneanity…
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September 6, 2008 1

Noose Tightens on Copyright Theft (Fixed Penalties for Downloaders Next!)

Following my little hit on Crawling Chaos tune nickers here google-security-to-crawling-chaos-and-morals/, the latest news is that a London woman, Isabella Barwinska, has been fined and costed a total of £16k! Pirated Dream Pinball 3D Draws £16,000 Payment Game sharers face legal crackdown Game sharer hit with £16,000 judgement The original case is reported here, which…
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August 21, 2008 2

Even More on Baer Bank versus Common Decency/Law/Sense (WikiLeaks)

More on the Julius Baer (un)Trust(worthy) goings on with WikiLeaks. I’ve uploaded the documents as a public service. If everyone does this then they can’t close everyone!

February 29, 2008 2

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