V2 Schneider and Heroes

V2 Schneider – Bowie I don’t know why Bowie titled it so; maybe it’s a tribute to the Kraftwerk dude.  Whatever, it’s one of my all-time favourite intros and even though it’s lost some power compared to the “modern” sounds available now, it’s still a cracker and it could easily be re-done.  The sax at… Continue reading V2 Schneider and Heroes

Wonderful Life – Black (Colin Vearncombe)

original from 1987 https://youtu.be/WYkcLmmUUgg Phil Collins ruins it! (I thought it was Fatso kicking in there) The lyrics are pulled straight from Black’s site. The chords I’ve stuck on as they sound best to me. There are quite a few versions out there so this is mine how I currently do it. Anyone who knows… Continue reading Wonderful Life – Black (Colin Vearncombe)