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The End of British Law – They’re All In It Together.

March 20, 2013

UK Legalises Retrospective Law Enforcement No wonder they’re all smiling In an astonishing move, HM Government has now enacted a law that allows any government (because it’s now part of case law) to sentence someone for breaking a law that didn’t exist at the time they “committed” an “offence“. Worst of all, our dear labour […]

Antimatter: The Real Giant Leap

November 18, 2010

One Small Step for Man, one Giant Leap For Mankind When Armstrong said those words (except I missed out the ‘a’), it looked like men & women would be walking tall on all sorts of astronomical bodies in a continuation of the Apollo programme.  As we no know, things didn’t quite work out like that […]

We Could Save £243,654,565 off the Civil Service!

September 20, 2010

Q. How? A. Simple. All people in the public sector (i.e. in the service of the government) to have a salary of no more than the prime minister… Preamble David Cameron is paid £142,500 by us, the taxpayer.  Tonight’s Panorama programme on the BBC reveals that thousands are paid more than the PM, notionally the […]

Climate Change and Tommy Cooper

September 3, 2009

I remember an old  Tommy Cooper gag that went something like this; I went to the doctor and said,  “Doctor, doctor.  It hurts when I do this”  (Cooper raises his knee upwards to demonstrate) The doctor said, “Well don’t do it, then“ The point is that it’s exactly like our prolific consumption of carbon-based fuels, […]

What’s So Special About July 16th?

July 16, 2009

Crikey! I Never Realised! Maybe certain days have relevance above their station and mere numerical nomenclature?  Who knows.  So read on.  See what happened today! 622 AD  – The Hijra of Muhammad Muhammad runs away from Mecca to escape persecution.  From this point forward, huge swathes of the globe took up Islam, Islamic empires spread […]