Weird Pings from a Sub-Domain

I’ve Been Pinged from My Own Unknown Sub-Domains! One day I’ll figure how this http protocol and the rest work…. Last night I had some hits looking for a feed and the domain root from Now this doesn’t exist!  So I got pinged by myself from something that doesn’t exist! In fact I haven’t any… Continue reading Weird Pings from a Sub-Domain

Rapidshare WordPress Comment Spam

I got an unusual (for me) comment spam this morning at 01:58 from a Kuala Lumpur spammer.  His modus operandi is to trawl WordPress blogs looking for the word “RapidShare” and then dump a deliberately malformed warez-type URL to a zip file promising unlimited super-fast Rapidshare accounts that have been compromised. I had such a… Continue reading Rapidshare WordPress Comment Spam