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Top Cat Dies

December 23, 2009 Arnold Stang Dies The voice of Top Cat, the excellent cartoon series of my childhood has died at a good old age. He’s also in one of my favourite bits from the film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”  About half-way through the clip below he’s one of the two gas station attendants […]

Forest Fun

December 19, 2009

Final preparations for Xmas dinner involved another trip to Wallace’s venison Farm  on the Blackdown Hills for some Venison and Bison roasting joints.  Across the main road is a National trust area which has fantastic views over Taunton Vale, as seen here!  All pictures taken on a Panasonic Lumix TZ-7, although not all by me! […]

Exceptionally Clear Air Over Somerset

December 11, 2009

Following a cold, frosty night, when the early morning fog had lifted, I noticed that the air overhead was exceptionally clear, transparent, and un-disturbed.  This is readily apparent with the cropped aeroplane flying at over five miles up, where the engines and red markings on the tail are quite clear. The pictures are taken using […]

I’ve Been Comment Spammed by Kevin Hoeffer!

December 1, 2009

Yup!  It’s true. Apparently, the only way that PWW et al can now made any headway is by asking inane questions on the very websites that are trying to close them down!!! Comment Spam from Kevin Hoeffer This is the content of a comment added to an old post I made on this website about […]

Send in the Army

November 23, 2009

No Problem The towns of Workington and Cockermouth are now effectively isolated because all the bridges are down, washed away in the floods. However, they are ONLY bridges, and bridges can be made and rebuilt.  The problem is the lack of communications for the towns and surrounding villages, which affects everything, not least the provision […]