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Not Bad for a Practice

November 23, 2009

No doubt hoards of guitar players were avidly checking James Williamson’s fingers in this clip, just to make sure they had it right! For me, I’m just glad I’ve got to see it in case I die before May or something else happens. The guy is still great – so many fills, so many runs, […]

To Be Human?

November 21, 2009

What it Means The key thing that separates us as humans from other creatures is our creativity based on our natural inquisitiveness tied in with our sense of self and it’s place in the universe. Endlessly pondering, thinking and wondering. That’s why it’s such great news that one of the largest international collaborations is working… […]

Three Good Environment Plans

November 3, 2009

This week, I’ve become aware of three excellent initiatives that are focussing people’s energies, creativity, and cash(!) into positive solutions to the global energy crisis.  It just shows what can be done – and these projects are not difficult or hard to creative creatures like ourselves. Big Mirrors in the Desert This is a $400billion […]

Pirate Party Confused Privacy

August 13, 2009

There’s now an official UK Pirate Party. It’s founded on the guiding principles that all art & creativity should be free for people sat in their bedrooms and that those people in the bedrooms should have absolute privacy! True. They want the Swedish model of the convicted file-sharers in the UK.  Also, they want Google […]

Humphrey Hawksley and the Chip Fat Conundrum

April 13, 2009

Humphrey Hawksley in an article on today’s BBC News website has reported the (blindingly obvious, some might say) results of a 25-year American study into the effects of air pollution (specifically vehicle and industrial) on life expectancy. City air pollution ‘shortens life’ Basically, it’s bad! I live next to an A-class road, busy with holiday […]