Nice Car -such a Shame.

New Jaguar XJ In common with most cars like this, it’s a lovely looking machine – a style marvel; sleek and vapid, mercurial. It’s also a waste of space and a waste of effort. It’s two tonnes of mass for a 400kg payload is pants.  An ecological disaster zone. Money for Old Rope Not only… Continue reading Nice Car -such a Shame.

Economists and Scams

Why Economists and Scam Merchants are the Same Today’s news that the cost of the global credit crunch meltdown has quadrupled in a year should come as no surprise to followers of the GoogleTreasureChest scamsters.  See : Meltdown losses of ‘$4 trillion’ Last year, the highly salaried ‘professional’ economists at the IMF, many having spent… Continue reading Economists and Scams