Sex and Death Photos

Sex and Death, Death Sex, Death and Sex, AND the Death of Democracy. I’m yet again struck by the rampant hypocrisy from America.  It’s citizens seem to think that everyone in the world has to follow their peculiar mores and morals to the letter, conveniently forgetting that they won’t abide by their own rules written… Continue reading Sex and Death Photos

I’m Gonna Throw!

Magnum Innoninandum Cupboard clean-out. Dust of ages. Mists of time. Tape of hissiness. This is the Crawling Chaos, Magnum Innoninandum cassette cover, the second hard release from Crawling Chaos, producers of innovative music originating from Northumberland.  This follows on from the Green tape. It is really a statement of intent. Q.  How do I feel… Continue reading I’m Gonna Throw!