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I’m Closer to the Golden Dawn

Some may recognise this post’s title – it’s the opening line from David Bowie’s ‘Quicksand’ and refers to Alistair Crowley‘s OTO-like organisation.  Personally, I like the tune and it always comes to mind on mornings like today when the sky was like the photosphere of the Sun, absolutely flawless in it’s colour transitions.  The pictures…
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September 9, 2009 0

Super Bowie Noggin

The Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud I stumbled upon an amazing amalgamation of Bowie’s track with some Oliver Postgate animation.  I never liked the track much apart from about 2/3 of the way through when it picks up.  With this animation, it works all the way through. Postgate died recently aged 83.  Many people of…
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July 8, 2009 0

Great Song

I Wish I Was a Girl – by The Pink Fairies Wem Copycat, Wem Copycat, Wem Copycat Ironic or what? Oh I tripped down the street in my fashion, Arousing Ladies passion, But they misunderstand my eyes, They don’t know that I’m just after their guys. The instrumental and vocal bit after the verse above…
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March 28, 2009 0

Till Lindemann, Strangely Perfect vocals on Helden by Apocalyptica (Bowie comp.)Helden

Apocalyptica featuring Till Lindemann: Helden Since I first heard this version, it won’t leave my head, which means for me, as a lingering tune, it fully deserves the soubriquet, “Strangely Perfect”. I don’t care if no-one agrees with me as music is something that is perceived in an individual’s mind, at one point in time. …
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September 28, 2008 0

© 1977, Strangely Perfect.