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Methinks the ISP doth Protest Too Much

June 7, 2009

Pricewert Whinges Over the past week, behind the scenes, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been progressively locking down an ISP, until finally on the 6th of June, it got the plug pulled.  See news item here: US cuts off ‘criminal’ net firm Pricewert, the umbrella for firms such as & APS Telecom […]

UK Parliament – a Crisis for Europe?

June 2, 2009

MP Expenses and Privileges Scandal Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: Apart from 635 MPs and the somewhat fewer UK MEPs, NOT ONE PERSON IN BRITAIN THINKS ANY DIFFERENTLY FROM ME! *** We all think that they’re all a bunch of spivving crooks who’ve let everyone down.  To compound the felony, they will even get paid […]

How to Commit Murder, Legally

May 16, 2009

Introduction Simple. Live in County Durham, UK Don’t pass the driving test Drive a car, unsupervised, with your partner and her 6-year old child as passengers! Find a cyclist while driving around Make sure the cyclist is not wearing a helmet Knock over the cyclist with your illegally driven and thus un-insured car Make sure […]

BBC and News Voyers Manipulate G20 Riot Picture

April 1, 2009

G20 Protest (riot?) My Riot Point. The picture above I first saw in a montage at the BBC website on a ‘as -it-happens’ sort of new item earlier today at work.  It’s very instructive, but to me it doesn’t look like a riot –  but more like 30 people taking pictures of someone breaking a […]

Why I Recite bits of the Lotus Sutra

March 31, 2009

As part of my Buddhist practice I recite two bits of prose and chant some Daimoku, which is the words “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” over and over again. I recite these two bits of prose, called the “Expedient Means” chapter and the “Life Span” chapter because Jill, the person who introduced me did so. Jillian […]