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666 and Spookhouse

September 20, 2011

There are no co-incidences in Buddhism… I’ve just been adding a few scheduled postings into the Crawling Chaos website.  For those of a mysterious bent, I initially forgot to give a title to the post.  Now because of the way I’ve got permalinks set up on that site and because of the way that WordPress […]

Mr Symptom Boxes Clever

September 15, 2011

Crawling Chaos: The Box It appears that finally, after much hesitation, the world is going to be able to enjoy the later works of Crawling Chaos which Jeff insisted should be called “Spookhoose“.  These were recorded in the last half of the 80’s.  

Crawling Chaos Dishwasher

December 21, 2009

Via some Google Alerts I’ve got set up, I came across the weirdest definition of “Crawling Chaos” that I’ve seen for quite some time. This is the complete web-page on the right and it’s source, the link below: In essence, it’s a long list of weird photos; some disturbing, some funny, many thoughtful, not […]

The Crawling Chaos of EffectiveCleanse

December 6, 2009

Introduction Google Alerts are a neat way to keep track of stuff that interests you.  I use it to follow web appearances of the band from my earlier life called Crawling Chaos. Quite often, it’ll pull up web references to pilfering of our copyright material, but that’s the way of the world now. Anyway, here’s […]

It’s Just Like Bladerunner.

November 23, 2009

It’s Just Like Bladerunner, And Not Just the Weather! Tears in Rain Bladerunner, the movie, based on an old Philip K Dick science-fiction story, was made by Ridley Scott from North-East England, someone I’m distantly related to.  Made in 1982, it presents a very grey, wet, bleak future, heavily referencing Scott’s (and my own!) upbringing […]