Happy Birthday Unix

Well it’s a sort of birthday.  As of 23:31:30 today, UNix will be 1234567890 seconds old! Google has celebrated with yet another unique graphic for the occasion.  Click on the link below for a Google search on this string: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=unix+1234567890&ct=unix1234567890&oi=ddle Unix’s calendar started the first second after the end of the sixties.  Like all clocks… Continue reading Happy Birthday Unix

Problems with Conficker or Downadup?

Or How to Disable Autoruns – to Stop This Particular Infection Route This is a brief summary of what to do… Make sure you have a proper anti-virus program running NOD32 is a good one! AVG is too Kaspersky, Trend, CA are also good brands Make sure your anti-virus is current and updated.  Check like… Continue reading Problems with Conficker or Downadup?