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Crap Google Cash Kit: What is Goolge?
Crap Google Cash Kit: What is Goolge?

I had to show this Google Adsense ad that appeared on my website.  I mean, the care that’s gone into it!

Get Your Goolge Cash Kit Now!!  It’s 2009’s best money maker….

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Google Treasure Chest – and a Huge List of Scams


I’ve done a fair bit of checking around the Google Treasure Chest/Money Kit scamming systems to try and alieviate some of the pain that a lot of people have been afflicted with.

Now follows possibly the most extensive scam list and redirects that I’ve found.  I class this post from workathometruth.com as a:

Very Important Link!

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mystimulusmoney dot con

Site Statistics

@AmazonOne of the benefits of managing your own website is you can check exactly who’s been visiting your site.  There are various sorts of visit, the most common for most sites being from search engine robots.  If you include these in your statistics, it makes you look really good….… Continue Reading