666 and Spookhouse

There are no co-incidences in Buddhism… I’ve just been adding a few scheduled postings into the Crawling Chaos website.  For those of a mysterious bent, I initially forgot to give a title to the post.  Now because of the way I’ve got permalinks set up on that site and because of the way that WordPress… Continue reading 666 and Spookhouse

I Can Smell the Worms Coming

Got a bit of a Crawling Chaos fan here. {er…no. They have deleted their toobaccount – maybe they’re dead with the worms?}  They’ve been putting out a few of our tracks and recently have stuck out a fair wodge from the original “Homunculus Equinox” & “The Big C” releases…  At least there’s a backlink to… Continue reading I Can Smell the Worms Coming