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Website Referral Spam and Cyber Security Malware

October 30, 2009

Remove Referrals Information from This Website because of Malware Like many blogs, this website has displayed the last few hits (referrals) that it’s received as a kind of ‘live’ activity recorder and a small service back to the referring website.  However, I’ve had to pull this from my front page because over the last few […]

Windows 7 Impressive First Experience

August 21, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate Install To say that I’m seriously impressed is an understatement! Having an MSDN subscription confers certain benefits, but for most Microsoft stuff that I have to use, it’s usually an exercise in teeth-gritting somewhere from the banal to the infuriating as I plod on through. My personal experience of Vista comes into […]

MyBookFace Crap

August 5, 2009

Introduction I had an interesting referral from an external website early today.  It was, has a decent WHOIS entry and is USA based.  However, the sub-domain bit is a bit iffy. If you follow the link, it’s immediately redirected to The tagline for this website is: MyBookFace is a friendly social […]

Problems with Conficker or Downadup?

February 6, 2009

Or How to Disable Autoruns – to Stop This Particular Infection Route This is a brief summary of what to do… Make sure you have a proper anti-virus program running NOD32 is a good one! AVG is too Kaspersky, Trend, CA are also good brands Make sure your anti-virus is current and updated.  Check like […]

NOD32 gets abused by time-share touts (or something)

November 17, 2008

Today I’ve found something new, for me at least!  I’ve prattled on about how good I think NOD32 is as a piece of anti-virus software; low system utilisation, fast, effective, accurate, unobtrusive except when it needs to be… It also has a pretty good introductory service as well, available here, say, on their UK website.  […]