Austria Still Denies Bad Things Happen

It wasn’t Us! We’re Not the One’s Wot Dunnit! In the latest gaff from Austria regarding the bizarre incestuous happenings in Amstetten, the the BBC report that the Austrian Chancellor, no less, said that he, while speaking from Vienna, underlined that the “abominable events” were linked to one individual case. But I also quote, without… Continue reading Austria Still Denies Bad Things Happen

CTC info: Sheldon Brown and Critical Mass, Monty Python and Lupins

Two comments on a recent CTC mailing. The death of Sheldon Brown and the aquittal of a Critical Mass Event person, arrested for obstruction of the highway with a “non-motor vehicle”. The post veers off on an entertaining rant about freedom of the individual and also Monty Python and the Lupin sketch. (Dennis Moore)