Standard Operational Amplifier (op-amp) Circuits

Paul. This scan is from my old ETI Circuits #2 from the 70’s.  It’s about the best op-amp info you are likely to find.  With a bit of knowledge, these six circuits are an instant ready-reckoner and allow you to do almost anything! If you’ve no knowledge, they’re just squiggles on paper.  But then so… Continue reading Standard Operational Amplifier (op-amp) Circuits

Headphone Amp circuit

(This posting amended and added on 24/10/2008) Paul Here’s the headphone amp (picture link gone) circuit. It’s from this old ETI mag thing I’ve got. The headphone amp was used in the Crawling Chaos studios as it could drive 5 pairs of headphones connected in mono simultaneously!!!) Also, I’ve got a little Class A amp… Continue reading Headphone Amp circuit