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Estonian Spammer Forges CBS and The Guardian

December 12, 2012

Get Rich Quick Scam Forges Genuine News Agencies Web Pages I recently received two emails from a friend’s old Hotmail account, but to two of my email addresses. Probably, the account has been hacked as I could detect no spoofing in the emails’ headers.  These are the emails, with the email addresses blacked out. Initial […]

Facebook, MSNBC, Jesse Willms’ Swipe Auctions and Doctored Photos

September 20, 2010

Introduction Readers of these pages will need no introduction to Jesse Willms, self-proclaimed philanthropist and former purveyor of counterfeit software. But in the interests of traceability into the continuing insidious nature of the on-line marketplace, here’s a run-through of how to get from Facebook or MSNBC to Jesse Willms’ SwipeAuction (formerly SwipeBids), including a few […]

MyBookface, Google, Utah and Nevis Scamboys United

August 8, 2009

Introduction I knew there was something really, really dodgy about that crap highlighted in this post the other day. Not only are they connected to some serious malware (as detailed in the posting), but they’ve an interesting line in popups!!! Google Treasure Chest Rises Yet Again! Here’s what to do… Go to making […]

Is This the Naffest Scam Disclaimer?

July 9, 2009 These Californian chumps sent me some spam early today which took me to this page: “Lovely”, I thought.  “Just what I need!” “But I’d better check those pesky Terms and Conditions… I’ve heard they can be quite stringent!” Amazingly, in a complete reversal of typical Google Money Bollox, Acai Scam, Green Tea and […]