Freak Electric – Advance

Freak Electric – Advance Reworked For Moyly, Ian, Lorna and George…. I have an old demo cassette of yours.  Now I have remarkable computer power (8 cores at 4Ghz+), Reaper is becoming one hell of a tool.  Here I’ve had a 1 hour session at cleaning up what is a really rubbish quality cassette… Continue reading Freak Electric – Advance

Freak Elektrik

As promised, I’ve squeezed some juice out of some Freak Elektrik tracks that I have on an old cassette. The band played in the North-East of England in the early 80s – I’d love to know what Lorny and Ian, Moyly and George are up to now. Crawling Chaos shared some times with them.. Anyway,… Continue reading Freak Elektrik