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Crawling Chaos Dishwasher

December 21, 2009

Via some Google Alerts I’ve got set up, I came across the weirdest definition of “Crawling Chaos” that I’ve seen for quite some time. This is the complete web-page on the right and it’s source, the link below: In essence, it’s a long list of weird photos; some disturbing, some funny, many thoughtful, not […]

Garbage Summer Science

July 27, 2009

Is This the Worst Science Project Ever? The Daily Telegraph, short of stories this summer now that the expenses scandal is dead, has published a picture of Angelina Jolie under the heading: Women getting more beautiful, say scientists: (see link) According to some work done by  Finnish Philosopher/PsychologistYliopistotutkija – University Researcher Degree: Doctor of Philosophy […]

Backwards and Forwards Through Time

July 25, 2009

Exploring the Simultaneous Nature of Cause & Effect Star Trek: The Next Generation: Finale, Episode – “All Good Things…” I’ve just watched the double episode finale to the TNG Picard series just after the cyclists finished their ascent of Mont Ventoux in this years Tour de France.  It was “All Good Things…”(see link, link & […]

Good News Now

February 24, 2009

In contrast to ‘What We Need Most’ , what we have now is astonishing progress in the field of genetic research and manipulation that ultimately will improve the live of people with specific conditions and also, it looks likely, everyone who’s ever had a bad tooth, filling, abscess, toothache or crown work will benefit. Cystic […]

Public Profiler Working – One Personal Odditty.

September 5, 2008

Public Profiler,,  the on-line surname popularity and derivation checker, is working now – either people have given up, or all the initial applicants have been satisfied.(see previous posting here.) So me, as a sheep, have finally been able to take a munch of the greenery within. The initial set-up seems to be working okay […]