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GM, BMW, All Gotta Change or Die Like Jaws

August 4, 2008

Carmaker GM loses another $15.5bn BMW to miss its targets for 2008 GM discusses sale of Hummer brand And about time too.  The sooner they go bust, or change what they make to something that consumes less wantonly, the better for everyone on the world.  People might buy the stuff as well, which would help […]

Thoughts on a 64 year old Massacre

July 21, 2008

France 24 item in English 64 years after massacre, villagers of Maillé may get some answers at last The Guardian The forgotten French village massacre BBC News The Nazis’ final atrocity: why, as they were surrendering, did one unit wipe out an entire village? Mail Online Orphans of forgotten Nazi massacre hope for justice Daily […]

How the UK is Fortunate to be Protected by having High Road Fuel Taxes

June 4, 2008

or Analysing the Red Herrings of the Fuel & Road Protests Fuel Price Herring The recent fuel protests and road tax protests got me thinking. Everyone in Britain thinks that they are badly off. They think that fuel is REALLY expensive here. Here’s what the AA have to say on fuel prices across Europe (all […]