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Akismet and Jetpack Issues, Stop Spammers and CloudFlare Save the Day

March 19, 2013

My Web Host Penalised Me Yet Helped Speed Up My Site Introduction This site used to be hosted on Site5, in Texas.  I had a shared web host account, about the cheapest there is on Site5 though by no means the cheapest around (I’ve had experience of really cheap hosts….).  It worked alright, site management […]

Foetus Products Shop Made Simple

November 2, 2011

Foetus Products Shop Open In preparation for our next release, Spookhouse, I’ve set up a proper shop to sell it!  Our intention is to sell everything ourselves via this sole outlet. (Click image for the UK shopping site.) The announcement is on the Crawling Chaos website here. Kicking off the shop I’ve reworked (…er…shouldn’t that […]

How WordPress Spam Works

February 23, 2011

WordPress Comment Spam The plague of all blogs is spam, mainly comment spam, by sheer numerical superiority. Q.  Why Do They Do It? A. As a minimum, they do it to open a back-door into your blog that allows the perpetrator to place reverse linkages to another website to increase that website’s visibility in search […]

Scum Debt Relief Spammers from China via Live Spaces

September 12, 2008

I decided to have a small investigation on (some!) of today’s spam…  I noticed a lot of similarities in my Mailwasher Pro output: Forged/spoofed “from” address “Debt free” or “get out of debt” or some permutation thereof in the subject field ALL have a non-obfuscated web address as the link 2 line body: e.g. […]

Email Spam Trojans Hiding on Websites as MSNBC Breaking News Items

August 16, 2008

For the past few weeks I suppose everyone has had a bit of email spam with this in the “From” and “Subject”: BREAKING NEWS: There then follows a sucker headline which is obviously pants.  They all have a spoofed link for which points to somewhere else, quite often a html document on the […]