Google Treasure Chest – it’s a scam and a half!


While fishing around for some chords I came across – as you do.  They’ve a shedload of Google ads and I accidentally hit the banner ad while trying to get rid of pesky popups (why do sites still do this now?)  I was taken to the website of someone called Kevin Hoeffer and an honestly dismal automatic sales pitch. … Continue Reading

BBC and Weird Pravda Report on Gas

In the news today, although you’d hardly think so because of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, is the story that the Ukraine can’t pay their gas bills.  I apologise for it being a bit buried amongst the profits’ statements etc, but hey!, I didn’t write it.

However, please read the links. … Continue Reading

Strangely, Website is Changing Perfectly

I’ve started trying to pull the themes and code apart to improve and adjust things a bit more to my liking.  It’s a continuation of things started some time ago, when I did stuff like have an automated copyright footer insertion using php date functions…

This time, I’m trying to squeeze some google ads in so that they are obvious but not intrusive….still work in progress… :oops: