Pacific Webworks, Lawyers and Social Networking

Introduction The last thing we need is more scummy scammers and following on from Google’s legal action against Pacific Webworks (PWW) one would naively have thought that the “business” folk would be more circumspect.  (See previous article and comments, ) At the beginning of June, it appeared that the Google case against PWW had… Continue reading Pacific Webworks, Lawyers and Social Networking

Google Adsense Calling Mork!

Google Adsense Calling Mork!   Google Adsense Calling Mork! Amazingly, following my comment about Google Adsense on my website in yesterday’s rant about Phorm, I got a message this early morning from the mother ship (Dalek voice – “Monetize! Monetize!”).  This is the text which millions of Morks across the globe will have got… Hello, We’re… Continue reading Google Adsense Calling Mork!