Duck Island Repairs Humiliation – a Huge Bill!

Greater Embarrassing-Viggers Duck View Duck Island in a larger map The Greater Embarrassing-Viggers Duck, has returned from it’s summer feeding grounds of America with it’s close relatives, the Greater and Lesser Failure-Bankers Ducks to it’s spiritual home,  Duck Island. Duck Island, close to the expensive monogrammed well cover in Cloud Cuckoo Land, now has a… Continue reading Duck Island Repairs Humiliation – a Huge Bill!

Pligg Comment Spam

Introduction An unfortunate consequence of posting stuff online is that you enable your ‘work’, ‘your words of wisdom’, your ‘copyright’ or your petty scrawlings (choose which you think is the most appropriate), to the world as as such, it’s freely copyable. My website is proudly running on WordPress sat on a standard shared hosting LAMP… Continue reading Pligg Comment Spam