Obama’s Been Got

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Apr 212009
Obama's Been Got

Last updated on November 21st, 2015 High Hopes Replaced by Low Expectations It’s the torture, see? UK In the UK, when Blair was first elected Prime Minister, the people in the country had such high hopes.  There were promises of an ‘end to sleaze’ and an ‘ethical foreign policy’. Since those heady few weeks in […]

Apr 132009

Last updated on November 21st, 2015 I kid ye not! Prime Minister Gordon Brown plans to make it part of the next Labour manifesto, he said yesterday. But what’s really going on? Brown chose to make his announcement in the gaudily extreme and populist Murdoch title, The News of the World.  (see Kids’ charity call-up: Brown […]

DHL Core Values under threat!

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Feb 192008
DHL Core Values under threat!

German police get a disc with heaps of dodgy dealings data on it. Zumwinkel, boss of Deutsche Post (and DHL), is first to be caught for non-payment of 1m Euros in tax and for syphoning the money off to a foreign bank.
His pay without bonuses, shares, pension supplements etc is well over this figure.
Why do they do it, people like this? It’s like stealing sweets from a sweet shop – when he could buy the sweet shop any time he likes!

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