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Thatcher’s Recession, and Now?

October 6, 2009

How Bad was Thatcher’s Recession compared to the Current Economic Slump? Q. Well, how would you find out, exactly? A. Surprisingly easily.  This graph here compares historical economic slumps with the current one, on a month by month basis.  It’s taken from the “National Institute of Economic and Social Research” (NIESR) website here.  Notionally, it’s […]

A Military Way out of The Credit Crunch

February 24, 2009

Willie Sutton In a curious parallel with the Great Depression when many millions lost their homes and money, I’m reminded about the phrase reputedly said by a USA bank robber of the time, and how it could equally well be applied to our current predicament…. When asked “Mr Sutton, why do you rob banks?”, he […]

I Wonder What Alistair Cooke Would Have Made of it All?

October 2, 2008

Alistair Cooke, the journalist, writer and broadcaster, lived from 1908 to 2004.  For most of his life he lived in New York, and witnessed the great depression (and booms), almost countless changes in government and the causes and aftermath of WW2.  He was personal friends with many of the great and good of the century, […]