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Headphone Amp circuit

July 11, 2007

(This posting amended and added on 24/10/2008) Paul Here’s the headphone amp (picture link gone) circuit. It’s from this old ETI mag thing I’ve got. The headphone amp was used in the Crawling Chaos studios as it could drive 5 pairs of headphones connected in mono simultaneously!!!) Also, I’ve got a little Class A amp […]

Headphone Amps

July 11, 2007

Thanks Paul. I made a headphone amp for a few quid. It was capable of driving up to 10 headphones for the studio monitoring and was short-circuit-proof as well. I thought I’ve still got the circuit; I’ll scan it for you: Rees

RE: Headphones & mikes

July 11, 2007

The word on the street is you need a decent headphone amp to get the best out of the 990. As of mine they are open back, so its a lot better for longer use. I have a pair of beyerdynamic DT250s which are very accurate, but they are closed and not too comfortable for […]