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Who is “mark@votemark.org”

Who is this guy who’s registered on my site, hasn’t ever posted, has been deleted by me three times and re-registers each time? !!! This is who: Mark B Wilson While sympathising with some of his “pledges” and stuff, (you know; Bush is a twat, war is bad, clean energy – something must be done…),…
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January 20, 2008 0

Sex Machine – man with ear on arm

– lyrics source update And Yes! It really has started. This article shows the “scandal” erupting because he’s made art from having a weird bit of surgery done to himself. He’s had and ear grown from a bit of cartilage and then had it sewn onto his arm. Bizarrely, this is happening in Newcastle. Even…
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October 11, 2007 2

Jacques Brel – Amsterdam

Jaques Brel sings his song “Amsterdam” live and Davis Bowie’s recording for comparison.
Lyrics (paroles) in French and English

September 17, 2007 11

About Strangely Perfect

About? Strangely Perfect? I’m Martin Rees, a founder member of the innovative and gifted post-punk 1970’s-80’s band The Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England. 2015 -> ? I have been living in SW France where we occasionally let part of our house to carefully vetted visitors.  See Christine’s French Farmhouse if you want to…
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July 25, 2007 0

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