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All Healthcare is Temporary in America

Healthcare Woes Lying sick in bed this morning listening to a Radio 5 phone-in about the “state” of our Accident & Emergency (A&E) healthcare system here in the UK, I was struck by the failure of the radio show’s producers to engender the expected flurry of tales of woe and poor service. Happy and Immaculate…
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April 28, 2010 0

Summer Camps

How Summer Camps Could Change Britain by Christopher M. Green (Convenor of the Summer Camps Forum and Founding Director of The ATE Trust) Download Links to Original Chris Green Articles: Letter to MPs February 2010 Suggested letter format to lobby your local MP on behalf of Chris Green’s summer camps’ initiative. How Summer Camps …inline…
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March 1, 2010 1

Awake but not Aware

I was staggered to read the contents of this news article today; Vegetative state patients can respond to questions Apparently, new research shows that people previously thought to be in a vegetative state can respond to questions “in a funny way” by being prompted to think of things as a way of answering the questions. …
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February 3, 2010 0

Crawling Chaos Dishwasher

Via some Google Alerts I’ve got set up, I came across the weirdest definition of “Crawling Chaos” that I’ve seen for quite some time. This is the complete web-page on the right and it’s source, the link below: http://bathroomgirl.tumblr.com/post/276368760 In essence, it’s a long list of weird photos; some disturbing, some funny, many thoughtful, not…
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December 21, 2009 0

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