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Hunt – “Mission Accomplished!”

October 18, 2017

Job Done BBC “News” a.k.a. the angst-laden face of tory party policy is today running with a “tool” that they’ve invented to “report” on the state of your local hospital. Read this as how much Hunt’s plan for the wholesale running down and sell-off of the public asset that is the NHS, has come to […]

All Healthcare is Temporary in America

April 28, 2010

Healthcare Woes Lying sick in bed this morning listening to a Radio 5 phone-in about the “state” of our Accident & Emergency (A&E) healthcare system here in the UK, I was struck by the failure of the radio show’s producers to engender the expected flurry of tales of woe and poor service. Happy and Immaculate […]

Duffy’s Cut, Snow, US Medicare, Throckrington and The Welfare State

March 25, 2009

Highlighting the Differences in Public Health provision, the Attitudes to Death and Responsibilities of the State and the Individual to Public Welfare. The title is the biggest bit – trust me. Introduction This takes us from today’s news from America and the Duffy’s Cut project to a tiny hamlet in Northumberland, England, called Throckrington. Duffy’s […]

Crawling Chaos Slash Across Space and Time

July 21, 2008

A bit ahead of their time, Crawling Chaos in the song “Newspapers” nearly got tonight’s news release right. Jobless to work ‘clearing litter’ ………trumpets Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell, neatly post-empting the angst-ridden rhetoric about Thatcher’s Britain and the cow-towing newspapers. Profitability is a sign of the times You’ve got to keep on working […]

Healthcare – Incompetent Hypocrites in Charge

June 4, 2008

The latest “news” in healthcare is (see this BBC item): Firms ‘to run failing NHS trusts’ Now where have I heard this before? I know! Let’s check (see this BBC item) here in April 2002! What we have is Alan Milburn saying exactly the same thing… The whole point of it is that they reckon […]