eBay Success System – Blatant Lie

Introduction Some time ago I did a little investigation into the spam & scam end of the Google Treasure Chest type schemes, all apparently sourced from Utah in the USA.  See Robert G Allen, Grants, and a Credit Card Slimeball One benefit of the ensuing deluge of spam that I now receive is that it… Continue reading eBay Success System – Blatant Lie

Total Strike Irony

British Workers Sacked for Striking at French Company Total’s Site – see news report Joan la Pucelle. [Aside] Done like a Frenchman: turn, and turn again! – Shakespeare, History of Henry VI, Part I, Line 1695 In Lindsey, Lincs, 650 workers have been sacked for being on an “unofficial” strike (whatever that means in a… Continue reading Total Strike Irony