Less Spam Today

I had about half the usual quantity of spam this morning. Maybe this is a consequence of Microsoft’s action against a huge list of domains which have been thought to be controlling thousands of computers in a botnet?  Dubbed Waledac, the botnet is thought to have  chucked out 1.5 billion spams from ~90k computers controlled… Continue reading Less Spam Today

MyBookFace Crap

Introduction I had an interesting referral from an external website early today.  It was, http://kexhoxonxk.iblogger.org/ iblogger.com has a decent WHOIS entry and is USA based.  However, the sub-domain bit is a bit iffy. MyBookFace.net If you follow the link, it’s immediately redirected to http://mybookface.net/ The tagline for this website is: MyBookFace is a friendly social… Continue reading MyBookFace Crap