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Less Spam Today

February 26, 2010

I had about half the usual quantity of spam this morning. Maybe this is a consequence of Microsoft’s action against a huge list of domains which have been thought to be controlling thousands of computers in a botnet?  Dubbed Waledac, the botnet is thought to have  chucked out 1.5 billion spams from ~90k computers controlled […]

MyBookFace Crap

August 5, 2009

Introduction I had an interesting referral from an external website early today.  It was, has a decent WHOIS entry and is USA based.  However, the sub-domain bit is a bit iffy. If you follow the link, it’s immediately redirected to The tagline for this website is: MyBookFace is a friendly social […]

Uneven Response to Plague and Flu Deaths

August 3, 2009

Comparing The West and The East There is currently a world-wide flu epidemic and it’s interesting to compare the responses of various countries to it, with the historical pandemic of The Plague, i.e. the Black Death. Flu In the USA, it’s been called “Mexican Flu” sometimes quite pejoratively, especially at it’s outset and especially by […]

Amazing Graphs

June 11, 2009

Via TheP5 I spotted this amazing graphs site which is right up my street of pseudo-graphology!  Try it out, it’s infectious – or make your own! Try this one, for instance. or this one: Which neatly ties in with a Rocket Mole discovered graphic from a while back: Oh the huge manatee.  Funny as […]

How do You Keep the Gates Closed when the Gatekeeper Loses the Keys?

February 10, 2009

Despite the best made plans and intentions, no security system is perfect. A massive recent security lapse means that (again!), the government’s continuing plans to implement ID Cards should be seriously examined. Not only have their own credentials at data security been demonstrated by themselves to be wholly inadequate (I’m thinking of the DVLA, MOD, […]