Uneven Response to Plague and Flu Deaths

Comparing The West and The East There is currently a world-wide flu epidemic and it’s interesting to compare the responses of various countries to it, with the historical pandemic of The Plague, i.e. the Black Death. Flu In the USA, it’s been called “Mexican Flu” sometimes quite pejoratively, especially at it’s outset and especially by… Continue reading Uneven Response to Plague and Flu Deaths

Amazing Graphs

Via TheP5 I spotted this amazing graphs site http://graphjam.com which is right up my street of pseudo-graphology!  Try it out, it’s infectious – or make your own! Try this one, for instance. or this one: Which neatly ties in with a Rocket Mole discovered graphic from a while back: Oh the huge manatee.  Funny as… Continue reading Amazing Graphs