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Skaill 2012

Skaill by Crawling Chaos (reworked) I’ve been playing with a digital extraction of Skaill on Reaper.  Have a listen.  Guess what’s been done…. A video is to follow (slow encoding to get the quality I need) which is highly appropriate given my partly Orcadian roots and the track title.  Skaill is the final track from…
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October 8, 2012 1

Jesse Willms Favourites

Latest News Hi internet folks out there in YouTube land! Many of you will have heard of me.  As you know, by running a nice steady stream of dodgy internet websites I’ve amassed a lot of money which I have to give away as I’m now a filanthropist pfhilanthwopist philandpissed fillypist fullypissed philantropist. And while…
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October 25, 2010 0

I am the Dragon King – Part Two

I am the Dragon King – Part Two In actual fact, the reason for my theme change and it’s reversion to the Dragon one is due to some inspirational hits on the website (the hits all targetted this post, Never Seek this Gohonzon Outside Yourself), where people have been looking for the phrase; “Hell is…
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June 2, 2009 0

Strangely No Fear, Perfect Balance

I didn’t think it was possible to cycle along the top of iron railings.  Now I know it’s possible.  I love the perseverance he shows. If he doesn’t do any major damage to himself I see a long career in advertising and films, don’t you? The music is singularily inappropriate. The link comes from someone…
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April 25, 2009 0

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