DHL Core Values under threat!

German police get a disc with heaps of dodgy dealings data on it. Zumwinkel, boss of Deutsche Post (and DHL), is first to be caught for non-payment of 1m Euros in tax and for syphoning the money off to a foreign bank.
His pay without bonuses, shares, pension supplements etc is well over this figure.
Why do they do it, people like this? It’s like stealing sweets from a sweet shop – when he could buy the sweet shop any time he likes!

Fuel Costs Red Herrings

Introduction There’s a lot in the news about the terrible cost of road fuel. See here for example. The truth is that the whole system is shite and people, by their very actions PROVE that they can afford fuel AT ANY COST. Here’s how (from my trip experience). Yesterday I came back from Northumberland, a… Continue reading Fuel Costs Red Herrings