Wonderful Life – Black (Colin Vearncombe)

original from 1987 https://youtu.be/WYkcLmmUUgg Phil Collins ruins it! (I thought it was Fatso kicking in there) The lyrics are pulled straight from Black’s site. The chords I’ve stuck on as they sound best to me. There are quite a few versions out there so this is mine how I currently do it. Anyone who knows… Continue reading Wonderful Life – Black (Colin Vearncombe)

Reply To Greetings and Intro

Hi Constance. You are lucky to get through – you nearly went into the automatic de-spammer with a subject heading of “Greetings and Intro”!!!Your family history is interesting. Trouble is, everyone in England is related to someone – especially in Somerset! They pulled a body out of the bog near here, pre-Stonehenge, and the DNA… Continue reading Reply To Greetings and Intro