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Weird World of Secrecy and Freedom

December 11, 2009

Introduction Yesterday’s News The use of intercept evidence in courts in England and Wales is not “legally viable”, …the Home Office has said.  This is reported on the BBC here, Using intercept evidence in court ‘not yet viable’ Security From the earliest days of the British (English) Secret Service, back in Elizabeth I’s time, all […]

UK Judges See Terror Sense

June 10, 2009

Freedom and the Law In stark contrast to the US which still insists on draconian measures against people thought to be bad (the lowest of the low Rumsfeld called them), the UK has had a landmark ruling for common sense in a democratic, freedom-loving country. Nine Law Lords have unanimously ruled it was unfair for […]

UK Parliament – a Crisis for Europe?

June 2, 2009

MP Expenses and Privileges Scandal Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: Apart from 635 MPs and the somewhat fewer UK MEPs, NOT ONE PERSON IN BRITAIN THINKS ANY DIFFERENTLY FROM ME! *** We all think that they’re all a bunch of spivving crooks who’ve let everyone down.  To compound the felony, they will even get paid […]

Terror Police Taking the Piss

May 7, 2009

Terror Terror is a state of fear (an overwhelming sense of imminent danger), or the act of imposing fear on (terrorising) people. Since Bush kicked in with the Patriot Act and the UK followed suite, terror and it’s prevention has been on everyone’s mind – apparently.  This is what is meant by the definition above.  […]

ID Cards in Manchester: The Real Reason

May 6, 2009

Manchester launch for ID cards Given all that happened in UK politics since last …er…week, ….it’s clear the reason why Manchester has been chosen as Wacky Backy Jacqui Smith’s test site for ID Cards… …Two wimmin got up Brown’s nose this weekend… – one is always trumpeting her Manchester roots… – the other’s roots are […]