Dec 032010
WordPress Upgrade leads to New Comment Spam Deluge

Weird Comment Spam I don’t know if it’s linked, or not, but since the WP upgrade a few days ago I’ve had an extra type of comment spam fall into my spam filters. Thankfully the spam filters worked, but still filled up the “spam comment” area for further perusal. Maybe it’s a plugin?  Whatever. Dodgy […]

Aug 122010
How to Clean Up Outlook Contact Phone Numbers using VBA

Last updated on April 19th, 2011 Introduction I got a new phone and when synchronised with Microsoft Outlook, the phone numbers don’t dial out properly because of spaces & STD bracketing.  It’s an LG – the previous Nokia was great, as was it’s synchronising software! Solution I used VBA in a workaround via Microsoft Excel!  […]

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